More Than Just Pizza

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Using a wood-fired outdoor pizza oven for more than just pizzas is a fantastic way to diversify your outdoor cooking experiences. Let's dive into the various dishes you mentioned and explore how to cook them effectively in your pizza oven.


 1. Wood-Fired Bread


  • Ingredients & Preparation: Choose your favorite bread recipe. Prepare the dough as instructed, shaping it into loaves.
  • Cooking Technique: Preheat your pizza oven to a high temperature. Once ready, lower the temperature slightly to avoid burning the bread. Place the loaves inside and monitor them closely. The cooking time will be shorter than in a regular oven due to the high heat.
  • Result: Expect a crusty exterior with a soft, fluffy interior. The wood fire will impart a unique smoky flavor to the bread.


2. Grilled Vegetables


  • Ingredients: Select a variety of vegetables like bell peppers, zucchini, eggplant, and asparagus.
  • Preparation: Slice or chop the vegetables. Toss them in a mix of olive oil, salt, and pepper.
  • Cooking Technique: Spread the vegetables on a tray or place them directly on the hot surface of the oven. The intense heat will quickly char and cook the vegetables, sealing in their natural flavors.
  • Result: Vegetables with a delightful char and enhanced flavors, with a hint of smokiness.

3. Meats and Fish

Steak Cooking:


  • Preparation: Season your steak as desired.
  • Cooking Technique: Preheat the oven to a high temperature for a perfect sear. Place the steak inside, turning it midway for even cooking. The time will depend on the thickness of the steak and desired doneness.
  • Result: A perfectly seared, juicy steak with a smoky flavor.

Fish Cooking:


  • Preparation: Season your fish with herbs and spices.
  •  Cooking Technique: Cook the fish at a slightly lower temperature than steak. Place it on a tray or directly on the surface, depending on the delicacy of the fish.
  •  Result: Tender fish with a lightly smoked taste.


Tips for Cooking in a Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

1. Temperature Control: Learn to manage the oven's temperature. It's crucial for different types of food.
2. Monitoring: Due to high heat, food cooks faster. Always keep an eye on your cooking.
3. Wood Choice: Different woods can impart different flavors. Experiment to find your favorite.
4. Accessories: Use appropriate tools like pizza peels, oven thermometers, and cast-iron pans to handle food safely and effectively.


By exploring these different dishes, you'll not only enhance your cooking repertoire but also enjoy a variety of delightful flavors that only a wood-fired oven can offer. Happy grilling and baking!