With Over 20+ Years of Experience, La Piazza Group Develops, Innovates, and Manufactures Authentic Italian-Designed Wood-Burning Pizza Ovens For The Home.

Authentic Outdoor Wood Burning Pizza Ovens


Italian-Designed Wood-Burning Pizza Ovens


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At La Piazza, our philosophy is built around producing high-quality & versatile products. Our materials are carefully considered with longevity and safety in mind, and we have a friendly customer care team who are on hand for advice and assistance.

Backed by our ​3 Years against any Manufacturers Defects, you can rest assure your investment is well protected.

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Built For Canadian Weather! Built to Last a Lifetime!

With La Piazza, what you see is what you get. No hidden words, no shortcuts, and no cheap quality! La Piazza's goal is to provide high-quality Italian-designed wood-burning pizza ovens and other cooking and grilling products at the most affordable prices.

Durability is our strong point. Our Italian-designed wood pizza ovens weigh a minimum of 250 lbs to a maximum 600 lbs, making them lightweight compared to other pizza ovens, yet extremely durable and long-lasting. When it comes to quality and convenience, they mean business!

We always knew that if we wanted to compete with the best, we needed to provide the best.

That's why we only use 304 stainless steel and the thickest materials.

When you buy a La Piazza wood oven, you can do so with confidence.