Is 00 Flour Truly The Best Flour for Pizza?

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Is 00 Flour the Crown Jewel for Wood Fired Pizzas? A Deep-Dive Analysis

The quest for crafting the perfect pizza pie has enthusiasts and chefs worldwide debating over the ideal ingredients. Among these, flour – the foundation of the crust – is a hot topic of discussion. The flour that often takes the center stage in these debates is the Italian-style "00" flour. But is it truly the best choice for achieving pizza nirvana, especially when using a wood-fired oven? Let's sift through the evidence.

Understanding the Flours on the Market

Before we can crown a king, we must understand the contenders. Flour is classified mainly by its protein content and how finely it's milled. These characteristics dictate the flour's gluten-forming potential – a critical factor in dough elasticity and structure.

1. All-Purpose Flour: With a protein content ranging from 9% to 12%, all-purpose flour is a Jack-of-all-trades in the kitchen, balanced for both bread and cakes. However, its gluten formation is moderate, which can result in a chewier pizza crust.

2. Bread Flour: Higher in protein (about 12%-14%), bread flour yields a stronger, denser dough with a pronounced chew, suitable for breads that require a substantial structure.

3. Whole Wheat Flour: This flour contains the whole grain, making it higher in fiber but also heavier in texture. It can lead to a denser, more rustic pizza crust.

4. 00 Flour: Also known as "doppio zero," this Italian flour is milled to an extremely fine texture. It comes in different protein levels tailored to specific uses, but typically, it has a protein content similar to all-purpose flour.


Wood Fired Ovens: An Ideal Environment for Pizza

Wood-fired ovens are not just about tradition; they offer unique cooking conditions that are hard to replicate. Their soaring temperatures (often above 800°F or 430°C), radiant heat, convection, and the slight smokiness from the wood combine to cook pizzas rapidly and impart a distinctive charred flavor.


Why Might 00 Flour Be the Best Choice for Wood Fired Pizzas?

1. Heat Tolerance: 00 flour is renowned for its ability to withstand high temperatures without burning as quickly as other flours. This quality is particularly advantageous in the intense heat of a wood-fired oven.

2. Texture and Digestibility: The fine milling results in a silky dough that can be stretched thinner without tearing, leading to a delicate yet crisp crust. Moreover, a finely milled flour is often considered easier to digest.

3. Authenticity: There's something to be said for tradition. 00 flour is the gold standard for Neapolitan pizzas, which are, in many opinions, the epitome of pizza perfection.


Considering the Cons: The Downsides of 00 Flour

1. Protein Content Variability: Not all 00 flours are created equal. If you're not careful, you might end up with a 00 flour that has a lower protein content, which might not create the chewy, structured crust that some prefer.

2. Cost and Accessibility: 00 flour can be more expensive and harder to find outside of specialty stores, making it less accessible for the average home baker.

3. Adaptability: It's designed for hot, quick bakes, and may not perform as well in standard home ovens, possibly leading to a less-than-ideal pizza experience for those without a wood-fired oven.

Conclusion: Is 00 Flour the Pinnacle of Pizza Flours?

In the heated embrace of a wood-fired oven, 00 flour truly shines. Its ability to form a delicate, light crust that remains soft and chewy on the inside, while providing the heat resistance needed for the quick cooking time of traditional pizza, is unrivaled. When it comes to producing pizzas in this environment, it is indeed the ideal choice.

However, 00 flour is not without its drawbacks. The cost, accessibility issues, and the need for a wood-fired oven to reach its full potential, make it less practical for some pizza aficionados. Additionally, the final crust preference is subjective and some might favor the denser chew that bread flour provides.

Final Verdict:


For those equipped with a wood-fired oven and a penchant for tradition, 00 flour is the go-to choice for an authentic, Neapolitan-style pizza. Its unique properties cater perfectly to the high-heat, quick-bake conditions. Yet, for home cooks using a conventional oven or looking for a more cost-effective solution, other flours might fit the bill.

In essence, while 00 flour might wear the crown for many, the best flour for pizza is ultimately the one that matches your means and meets your taste. In the kingdom of pizza, the ruler is chosen by the palate of the beholder.