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The La Potente is La Piazza's signature outdoor charcoal grill. Masterfully made from heavy-gauge stainless steel and featuring a notably sleek, compact, and portable design, this stainless steel charcoal and wood-burning grill makes the perfect addition to any griller's arsenal.

What sets our outdoor charcoal grill apart from the rest is it's convenient adjustable grate, which you can raise or lower within a 2- to 18-inch range using the flywheel. This allows you to cook your food both hot and fast or low and slow for maximum versatility and control of your cooking.

For a beautiful, efficient, and easy-to-use stainless steel wood-burning and charcoal BBQ grill, purchase a La Piazza and see the difference it makes.

"Hands down the best purchase...."

Hands down the best purchase. Tom from La Piazza Wood oven is truly an amazing person. So transparent through the whole process when we were looking for a pizza oven and he even offered my family and I to come by his place to see the oven and how it holds up to the Canadian weather. We are truly happy we went with La Piazza and looking forward to entertaining with family and friends….You will not be disappointed folks, if you haven’t invested in a pizza oven don’t think twice go with these guys!!! Salute!!!

-Adamo Panzini

"The best service...."

The best service from the staff, the pizza oven is well built and heavy. You can cook many other meals and dishes in it and it stays hot for a long time.

-Vito Carelli

"We LOVE our Toscana pizza oven...."

"We LOVE our Toscana pizza oven, and the customer service is second to none!

-Natalie Dispenza

"Best decision we have made in a long time..."

Best decision we have made in a long time: buying the Piccolo Pizza Oven last year! We use it often, mostly for pizza, but also bread, Naan, chicken, and even ribs. Pizzas are simply out of this world and the whole process makes it such a fun event. We’ve used it in +35 degrees to -35! Incredibly, the oven will be at 700 degrees and there will still be snow, unmelted on the outside, it’s so well insulated. I love that you can wheel it around and if we ever move, it will be coming with us! The staff were so helpful and friendly in giving advice and tips on every step of the process. I highly recommend La Piazza Ovens!

-Jen Kirkwood