Question: Am I allowed to have a open fire on my property?


Answer: With each local municipality having their own by laws, we always advise everyone to contact their local municipality prior to lighting a fire and ensure you are within the municipality by laws.

Question: What type of wood should I use?

Answer: Any type of hard wood is the best for cooking. Fruit woods work the best, Cherry, Apple, Oak, Maple are all examples of excellent woods to use.

Question: Where are La Piazza Ovens made?

Answer: Since 2015, all of our residential ovens have been manufactured in China. Due to the overwhelming number of ovens units being sold, our production was moved overseas to keep up with the increased demand. Our ovens which are manufactured overseas are still processed with the same superior standards as our ovens which were manufactured locally. 

Question: Will my oven weather in winter and out door weather?

Answer: All of our ovens are constructed with the highest quality of 304 stainless steel which gives the highest level of rust resistance, compared to most outdoor BBQ's and ovens on the market today. 

Question: Is there warranty on stones?

Answer: Due to how fragile stones are, we do not offer a warranty on the stones.

However, in the event your oven arrives with a broken or cracked stone, please contact us immediately. 

Unfortunately, we cannot replace stones that have small chips or cracks in them.


These chips  & cracks do not alter the performance of the stone or oven, therefore are not considered a defect. If a customer finds chips on the stone bothersome, we recommend flipping the pizza stone when possible to achieve the most consistent surface.

Question: Is Curbside delivery available?

Answer: Curbside Delivery is available for all our ovens. All curbside deliveries are shipped by truck to your home or business using our Curbside Service.

You will be informed by La Piazza when the oven has left our warehouse, and you will also receive a telephone call from the shipping company a few days before the oven is scheduled to arrive, so that you can arrange a delivery time to meet the shipper. The shipping company will place the oven using a lift gate truck on a driveway or sidewalk as close as possible to your home or business.

When your shipment arrives at the carrier’s destination terminal, the carrier company will call to arrange an appointment for delivery. Please select a time that is convenient for you and that will allow you the time you need to uncrate and inspect the oven while the carrier is still present.


Please note that  La Piazza cannot be responsible for damage claims found after the carrier has left the site. The carrier will not process a claim for a shipment that has been signed for and accepted as undamaged.

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