Outdoor Cover

$299.98 CAD

Product Details:

For strength and longevity, we use a high-thread-count weave. In order to strengthen the fabric's longevity, reinforced seams have been added to the cloth.

La Piazza's pizza oven covers are made from the same high-quality materials like those found on luxury yachts and boats.

This cover is backed by a two-year manufacturer warranty against manufacturing faults and fading.

The Outdoor Cover from La Piazza, the perfect accessory to keep your pizza oven protected from the elements. The Outdoor Cover is easy to use and fits snugly over your pizza oven, providing complete coverage and protection. This cover is ideal for those who love to cook outdoors and want to keep their pizza oven in excellent condition.

La Piazza is a trusted name in outdoor cooking equipment, and this Outdoor Cover is no exception. It is designed to fit La Piazza's range of pizza ovens perfectly and provide you with long-lasting protection.

In conclusion, the Outdoor Cover from La Piazza is a must-have accessory for anyone who loves to cook with their pizza oven outdoors.  Get yours today and experience the quality and convenience that only La Piazza can provide.

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