La Piazza Santa Maria Grill 24"

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    100% Stainless Steel

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Unlock the secrets of traditional open-flame grilling with the La Piazza 24" Santa Maria Grill, meticulously crafted to offer a gourmet grilling journey. This grill isn't just a cooking device; it's an invitation to explore the age-old practices of barbecuing with modern precision. Designed for the aficionado of flame-cooked flavors, it's perfect for those who revel in the art of grilling with hardwood or charcoal.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Cooking Grate: Engineered with an innovative mechanism that allows for a seamless adjustment range from 2 to 18 inches, this grill gives you the ultimate control over the intensity of heat your food receives, ensuring perfect searing or slow cooking with a simple turn of the flywheel.

  • Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Construction: Crafted from heavy gauge stainless steel, the grill promises unmatched durability and resistance to the elements, while its elegant design makes it a centerpiece in any outdoor cooking space.

  • Optimal Heat Distribution: Included fire bricks line the firebox, not only aiding in heat retention but also ensuring even distribution for consistently cooked meals.

  • Efficient Grease Management: V channel grates are meticulously designed to funnel grease away from the fire, reducing flare-ups and directing drippings into a removable tray for easy cleaning and a healthier grilling process.

  • Ample Cooking Space: With a generous cooking surface of 462 square inches, this grill accommodates large cuts of meat or numerous food items, making it ideal for gatherings of all sizes.

  • Robust Cart System: The heavy-duty 304 stainless steel cart is equipped with four sturdy casters and two locking wheels, enhancing portability and ensuring stability during use.

  • Convenient Workspaces: Two metal shelves provide ample space for prep work and can be easily removed when not needed.

  • Specifications at a Glance:

    • Total cooking surface: 462 sq. in.
    • Firebox dimensions: 24" W x 22" D x 10" H
    • Grill height: 61" (66" to the top of the flywheel)
    • Flywheel finish: Solid stainless steel with no welds
    • Crate weight: 324 lbs

The La Piazza 24" Santa Maria Grill is more than a cooking instrument—it's a testament to the time-honored tradition of grilling, providing both the professional chef and the enthusiastic home cook with an unparalleled culinary tool. From the hypnotic dance of flames to the delectable smoky aroma of wood-charred delicacies, this grill ensures every grilling endeavor is executed with precision and passion.

Experience Elevated Grilling: Whether it's the crisping of a thin steak close to the coals or the low-and-slow roasting of a hearty brisket, this Santa Maria Grill by La Piazza redefines your outdoor cooking experience. Invest in this masterpiece, and let the symphony of fire and flavor begin with each meal becoming a work of art.

Explore the Essence of Flavor: Add the La Piazza 24" Santa Maria Grill to your culinary arsenal today and transform simple ingredients into exquisite, fire-kissed delights that are bound to impress. With every sizzle on the grate, create unforgettable moments and flavors that linger long after the embers die down.