Premium Heat Resistant Gloves


Premium Heat Resistant Gloves

$45.99 CAD

The Only Heat Resistant Gloves You'll Ever Need - These La Piazza Premium Gloves with dual protection protect you from severe heat up to 700°F.

The Premium Heat Resistant Gloves from La Piazza, are the perfect accessory for any outdoor cook who loves to use their pizza oven.

With their non-slip grip, these gloves are perfect for handling hot pizza stones, trays, and other utensils that have been heated in the oven. 

La Piazza is a trusted name in outdoor cooking equipment, and these premium heat-resistant gloves are no exception.

In conclusion, the Premium Heat Resistant Gloves from La Piazza are a must-have accessory for anyone who loves to cook with their pizza oven or any other high-heat outdoor cooking equipment. With their durable materials and reliable performance, these gloves will protect your hands and allow you to cook with confidence. Get yours today and experience the safety and convenience that only La Piazza can provide.



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